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Backyard and Garage Studio Florals

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June 13th 8:30am - Noon
June 19th 6-9pm Post Processing Tutorial/Edit/Critique

Have you ever just taken your camera out in your own back yard to shoot flowers?  Or tried to create a home photo studio in your garage?  If so, this workshop is the one for you!

During the Summer of 2019 photographer Larry Lehman asked Mike Jensen for some help shooting some images on his Portfolio Project.  First, Mike and Larry shot floral images in Larry's yard and got some really nice images both as the flowers were planted, and in "still life" setting.  Then they tried it in a setting with less harsh light.  Mike and Larry created a make-shift studio in Larry's garage and began to shoot images.  The project evolved to include a single flash for some impact light and that make all the difference in the world.

Mike taught Larry how to use the flash and where to place it for maximum effect.  They also experimented with other sources of light like the Lume Cube getting great results!


Every good photographic image involves skill behind the camera and at the computer doing some editing.  If you're the creative type, or want to become more creative, this is the class for you!  After the shoot we'll get together on Zoom and Mike will teach some great Lightroom and Photoshop techniques to help your floral images POP!

Workshop Cost

The regular price for the workshop is $149, however a $20 discount is available for local camera club members, former Mike Jensen workshop alumni and portfolio members.

You Will Learn


  • Proper exposure and aperture choices for flowers and florals based on the lens you are using.
  • How to shoot flowers and florals with almost any lens.
    • Mike's images were all shot with a 100-400 lens, most of Larry's with a macro.
    • Learn this valuable technique which brings out the depth and detail in a macro shot.
  • Composition and cropping for Flowers and Floral
  • Choosing the right background for your florals
  • DIY backgrounds for that "studio" or professional/stock quality look.

Post Processing/Editing


  • How to import images using Lightroom
  • Grading & rating photos in preparation for editing
  • Special treatments & techniques for editing flowers in Lightroom
  • Special treatments & techniques for editing flowers in Photoshop (these will make you want to learn more in PS)
  • How to create a special look (like a Pink, Rose or Purple tone) to give your flower photo a look that will stand out!
  • Refer back to these techniques using Mike's online tutorial system.



This amazing image by Larry Lehman was taken in his garage with the use of one off camera flash and a "make-shift" studio.  Essentially a black backdrop on some boxes.


  • Photo by Mike Jensen

  • Photo By Larry Lehman

  • Photo by Larry Lehman

  • Photo by Mike Jensen

  • Photo by Mike Jensen

  • Photo by Mike Jensen

  • Photo by Larry Lehman

  • Photo by Larry Lehman

Skill Levels & Gear

This workshop should be a fun one for ALL skill levels from beginner to advanced/professional.  

  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera
  • Any or all of the following types of lenses:
    • Macro Lens with f2.8 Aperture
    • Landscape Lens with f2.8 Aperture
    • 70-200 Telephoto Lens with f2.8 Aperture
    • 100-400 Telephoto Lens with f4.5 Aperture
    • 1.4 or 2.0 Telextender can be helpful
    • Extension Tubes can be helpful
  • Tripod
    • Tripods are a must for stable and sharp images.
  • Your own flash and off camera flash trigger is helpful, but we will have light sources available.


Mike uses Lightroom and Photoshop for editing of photographs.  The second part of the workshop will involve Mike demonstrating his techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom as well as a gentle and kind evaluation and critique of submitted class member images.

Mike will demonstrate and teach by using Lightroom and Photoshop.  If participants are not familiar with these softwares, free trials can be downloaded from the website.

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Backyard & Garage Studio Florals
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