Limited Availability Flash Photography Bootcamp

Register Now! Saturday November 23rd, 2019 8am - 4pm Mike Jensen & Guest Instructor John Caulfield

Workshop SOLD OUT!

  • Light Your Foreground In Challenging Settings

  • Still Life Floral With Off Camera Flash

  • Event Photos With Flash On Camera

  • Off Camera Multiple Flashes


Using a flash can open a whole new world for your photography from taking studio and environmental portraits to adding light and light-painting your landscapes and nature photos.

Have you been intimidated by shooting with a flash, either on camera or off and ready to get it mastered!?

Learn to use your flash in manual as well as you use your camera. Join Mike Jensen, an award-winning portrait photographer and John Caulfield, a well-known wedding and portrait photographer as they teach you:

  • TTL (Through The Lens) & Manual use of flash.
  • Using flash in natural light
  • Shooting with flash on camera
  • Shooting with flash off camera
  • Using professional and DIY reflectors
  • Using flash for portraits
  • Using flash for still life and landscapes
  • Flash compensation
  • All important post processing techniques
  • Background/"Greenscreen" replacement

Who Should Take This Class

If you have a flash that you just don't know how to work, or what situations to use it in, this class is for you!

If you have a flash that you only use on camera, this class is for you.

If you have a flash that you only use on TTL, this class is for you.

If you want to expand the type of photographs you produce, this class is for you.

If you are intimidated by flash and just don't know where to start, this class is for you.

Flash Photography Bootcamp

Gain Confidence!

You Will Learn

  • Off Camera Flash In Near Dark Conditions

  • On Camera Flash In Natural Light

  • Off Camera Studio Settings

  • Use of Flash for Organization Photos

  • Single Flash, Off Camera Through a Soft Box

  • 4 flashes off camera

Gear Needed For This Class

Here's what you'll want to have to learn with confidence!

  • DSLR/Mirrorless Camera
  • Flash to match your camera

Lenses - Any of the below lenses, or their equivalents will work for this class.

  • 24-70 f2.8
  • 24-105 f4
  • 70-200 f2.8
  • 100mm f 2.8
  • 105mm f 2.8
  • 100-400 f4.5

Skill Level

This class is being designed for almost ALL levels of photographer.  We will be teaching flash from the novice level and moving up from there.

You should know how your camera operates in Aperture Priority and Manual modes.

You should know how to change ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.


    The class will be limited to 8 people to maximize your learning potential.

    We will begin at 8am on Saturday Nov. 23rd and finish about 4ish.

      Workshop Cost

      Teaching flash is like learning your camera all over again.  Your flash will work like your camera.  It can change exposures or light levels, it can zoom, it can bounce light, it can be soft or strong, it can change color.  Doing it right requires hands on instructors working with you and your flash, so to accomplish this, Mike has invited John Caulfield as a guest instructor.  Together, Mike and John will make this a "mind-numbing" but unforgettable skills, technique and learning session.

      Affordably priced for Kansas City camera club members and Mike Jensen Workshop Alumni, this all day intensive retails for $249, but for CC members and MJ alumni, your price is discounted down to $219.  There is limited room, so sign up fast!


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