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Kansas City Plaza Lights

Catch The Spirit Of The Plaza!

Two Sessions

Only $75 for local camera club members, and only $100 for non-members

Session One

Nov. 27th  (Photoshoot) 6-10pm

Nov. 29th (Edit/Critique) 6-9pm

Session Two

Dec. 4th  (Photoshoot) 6-10pm

Dec 6th (Edit/Critique) 6-9pm

This is a perennial favorite for all photographers but few know how to catch the spirit of the Plaza!

Learn how to choose the appropriate lens, aperture for depth of field, location for lighting, photographing the horses and carriages! Learn how to create those beautiful starbursts in the street lights and lamps.

Also, learn Mike’s tried and true method for making skies that have twinkle, twinkle little stars!

Oh yes, and managing White Balance! (Yes it’s imperative on the plaza).


  • Room
  • Kansas City Plaza Lights
  • KC Plaza Lights

    KC Plaza Lights

  • Plaza Lights Fountain


Affordably priced for Kansas City camera club members, this workshop will teach you:

  • Technical knowledge for photographing twinkle lights at night
    • ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture
  • Compositional insight
  • Mike’s key methods for equal tonal values
  • Importance of White Balance in photographing in urban settings
  • Use of various filters to help with exposure


The second part of the workshop will include a critique of your photos and editing instruction in LR/PS

  • Use of Lightroom & Photoshop to properly edit your photos for presentation through digital projection or print

Skill Levels

This workshop should be a fun one for ALL skill levels from beginner to advanced/professional.  Ideally you should have the following gear to maximize your learning experience.

  • DSLR camera
    • Ability to make up to 30 second exposures
  • Tripod
    • Tripods are a must for stable and sharp images.
  • Flash might be helpful, but in now way is necessary
  • Neutral density filter would be helpful to help slow down exposures for longer, silkier water.  A polarizer will also do the trick.


Mike uses Lightroom and Photoshop for editing of photographs.  The second part of the workshop will involve class participants submitting images for Mike’s critique.  

Mike will also demonstrate his editing technique for images taken in this workshop.  Mile will demonstrate and teach by using Lightroom and Photoshop.  If participants are not familiar with these softwares, free trials can be downloaded from the website.

SESSION I Only $75 for Camera Club members, $100 for non-members


Nov. 27th  (Photoshoot) 6-10pm

Nov. 29th (Edit/Critique) 6-9pm

Plaza Lights Session I - Nov. 27th/29th

SESSION II Only $75 For Camera Club Members, $100 for non-members


Dec. 4th  (Photoshoot) 6-10pm

Dec 6th (Edit/Critique) 6-9pm

Plaza Lights Session II - Dec. 4th/6th

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