Moving From Picture Taker To Image Creator

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Picture Taker To Image Creator

Updated For 2021

Presented by Mike Jensen
Presentation Time: 45 minutes
Discussion Time:  Varies, usually 15-30 minutes

Join Mike Jensen as he gives you his take on how to move to the next level in your photography.

Mike is an experienced judge/juror in competitions/exhibitions at the club level, county, city, state and regional as well as for organizations like the Photographic Society of America.  Mike has had many well known mentors.  He knows how to make great images and is always willing to share and help.

So, who is the owner of your photography path, growth and results?  If you say it’s “you” and you’re not overjoyed with “the results” so far, then maybe this is the program you’ve been waiting for!

So, how do we get serious about our photography but still have fun?  The bottom line answer is to have a plan!

  • Do you know your camera front and back, inside and out.
  • Know the menu like the back of your hand!
  • Would you rather buy a gadget than learn how Manual mode works?
  • Do you schedule time for photography? I mean actually schedule it on your calendar proactively!
  • Do you set goals? Like REAL written goals?
  • Do you have a list of projects?

"...In this thought provoking program, professional photographer and instructor Mike Jensen offers options and growth plans for EVERY LEVEL of photographer!"

Tried and True!

  • FOR EVERY LEVEL, schedule time for photography!
  • Have a PURPOSEFUL plan for your shoot!
  • Shoot with the end in mind Beginners, are you overwhelmed by Manual mode, or Photoshop?
  • Intermediates, you should be fully knowledgeable of your camera knob, dials and capabilities
  • Advanced photographers, do you have some bad habits to remedy?
  • EVERY LEVEL, are you OBSESSED with composition and cropping?
  • Find a mentor!


...for a shoot with a list of options in case the sunset is a bust?

Have you considered a project to become a more purposeful photographer?  Like a year long project where you meet in a group setting for self evaluation and critique?

Mike's Suggestions For Ongoing Improvement

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Also, if you're in a camera club or a civic group, I do lectures on photography and it's ins and outs.  I'd love to talk to your group!

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