Photographing On Safari

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Photographing On Safari

Updated For 2021

Presented by Mike Jensen
Presentation Time: 60 minutes
Discussion Time:  Varies, usually 15-30 minutes

It’s on ALMOST everyone’s bucket list, so what do you really need to know before spending “bucket list” money on a safari trip.

This informative and engaging presentation gives you the images you want to take and the info you’ll need to know before spending almost $10,000 to go on safari!

Join professional photographer, instructor & judge Mike Jensen as he shows you the imagery you dream to photograph and the reality of being on a safari in Africa.  Mike’s done it, and he’s going back for more!

The Not So Pleasant

  • Looooooong Airplane Trips & jet lag
  • Communication
  • You may have to get shots
  • You definitely need a passport and a visa
  • You should get trip insurance
  • Not much/very little cell phone coverage

"...Yes it's worth the long flight. Yes it's worth the money. YES it's worth the new long lens! YES! It's totally worth it! Don't do it without a spouse, significant other or a BFF. This is a trip that should be shared!
~ Mike Jensen

The “That’s SO Cool!

  • The first time you see a Lion in the wild
  • The babies!
  • The Great Migration
  • Being REALLY close up to the animals!
  • The landscape
  • The stars at night!
  • Interaction with the people of Africa

In this presentation, Mike Jensen shares his “learned lessons” from safari in Africa.

  • No lens is long enough
  • ISO is your friend
  • Learn how to use video
  • Back button focus is a key
  • There are no guarantees, you may not see the animal you want to see
  • A good guide can find a Leopard several hundred yards away.
  • There’s no place like home!

You can go to Africa on a variety of budgets. For a photographers safari trip, you want to go with other photographers and you want some room to spread out in both your lodging and your safari van.

How many camera bodies and what lenses do you need. What about laptops and image storage (and backup)? What about tripods? Do you need an electrical converter? (Yes)

If you’ve never been and want to, or if you just want to learn, this presentation is a great one for learning how to prepare for a HUGE photo trip.

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