The Future Of Photography

Join Mike Jensen as he gives you his take on the Future of Photography, updated for 2020. With mirrorless making MAJOR moves on DSLR’s and Adobe losing the favor of the faithful due to doubling the price of their Photographer’s Bundle, the future is changing all the time!

What The Judges Look For In Photographs

Join Mike Jensen for an in-depth discussion on WHAT THE JUDGES LOOK FOR IN YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS. People say that judging art is so subjective and part of that is true, but you can give yourself an edge by knowing what the judges look for in photography competitions and exhibitions.  Let’s take a look at the components of a photograph and … Read More

Composition In Photography

Composition In Photography

Composition In PhotographyWhat to leave in, What to take out. Presented by Mike Jensen Presentation Time: 45-60 minutes Discussion Time:  Varies, usually 15-30 minutes Join Mike Jensen as he gives you his take on Composition In Photography – What to leave in, What to take out.  Composition is always the MOST subjective piece of photography.  Everyone always says “it’s the … Read More

Photographing The Florida Botanical Gardens

Photographers will love photographing the Florida Botanical Gardens almost any month of the year. There are a multitude of gardens leading one to another with walking and sitting spaces all along the journey. I photographed these images in early February while preparing for my Florida Botanical Gardens Photo Tour/Workshop. This is a perfect workshop for all levels of photographer. It is great for beginners who are just learning how to expose images and compose and just as nice for more advanced photographers who are working to add beautiful flora images to their portfolio. The big plus is that it’s totally interactive. I work with each photographer in the field, and when we are done shooting, we’ll go back the Beach Art Center to cover photo editing, cropping and prep for presentation.